Owning and managing multiple rentals can drown you in data. Trying to make good decisions or quickly answer tenants, contractors, and partners without reliable, accessible data is frustrating and risky. Even worse, frantically looking for that crucial piece of data for the IRS or a lawsuit can be terrifying.  

What if you had one official, secure place to easily find the data you need to conquer your daily challenges? A tested system to empower you to gracefully be in control. Having your organized information on your mobile, in your pocket is amazing, even life-changing.  

Documents are disorganized, photos are scattered, receipts are piling up. Information you keep in your head is being lost every single day. Sign up right now and offload those burdens into GovernRent.com.  

Built by a Landlord

How can GovernRent help you?

Know Important Dates

Leases, bills, project due dates, expiring warranties, install dates, filter/battery reminders. There is a lot to keep track of when you are managing rentals. GovernRent puts them all on one calendar so it's easy to see what's coming up. 

Document your Actions

Doing due diligence on a prospective property, improving a unit, doing tenant walkthroughs, documenting damages or keeping track of court details, GovernRent makes it easy to record and access your business actions, even from your phone.

Organization Built In

No more struggling on how to decide which folder struture to use, GovernRent links all of your data together so you can view data from any viewpoint. Numbers, details, documents, and photos all in one system organized how you think.

Create your rental data vault today.