Hi! We are Billy and Christina. We are a husband and wife team investing in real estate since 2004. We have 20+ rentals that we self manage. 

Christina manages our rentals, I am a Senior Software Engineer for a mutli-million dollar software company.

We created GovernRent to solve the frustration of a small team collaborating on the details of a rental business. 

We had finances in Excel but moved to Google Sheets to be more collaborative and accessible. We tried various methods of storing documents and photos in Dropbox, Google Drive, and our own personal NAS (network attached storage). We had trouble agreeing on how to organize our folders. Contacts were mostly in Christina's phone and inaccessible to me.

GovernRent allows us to put finances, documents, photos, and other data about our rental business in one location that is easily accessible to both of us. 

Because we commonly need our data on the road, on site, or picking up supplies out of town, we made GovernRent 100% functional on mobile devices. 

Because I am an experienced Software developer I know how to build fast and secure software utilizing the same techniques and technologies as large companies you trust and use everyday. 

We hope GovernRent can help you in your rental business also! 

- Billy and Christina  

Create your rental data vault today.